5 Reasons Your Toilet Might Be Better Than You

It sure sounds funny, Toilet? Well, yeah the toilet. In most areas of our life, our toilet is way better than us in person, and am talking about the toilet, I mean the characteristics of the toilet and not the beauty of the toilet and of course not everyone has it beautiful or luxurious.

Am very certain by now you wondering how or why should I compare you to the toilet, but trust me after this all your thoughts will be clear and you will know if you are actually better or worse than your toilet.

We all know what a toilet means, a place where we take our bath, ease ourselves and sometimes have reflections about life, trust me I do that a lot. But looking beyond the physical state of the toilet let’s look deeper and see if the toilet truly worth emulating.

Toilet Does Not Discriminate

Yes, it doesn’t. The toilet does discriminate or judge you, it doesn’t care if you intelligent or not, rich or poor, it accepts all with no questions asked. It does not ask why you are too short or too tall, it accepts you for who you are and not what you are. Most of discriminate and judge others based on what they are and not who they are. If you are not rich you are can’t be my friend attitude I what most of us display most of the time. And that’s one thing your toilet will never do.

Your Toilet Accommodates

Another good thing about the toilet is the fact that it accommodates everyone, like I said earlier it doesn’t judge or discriminate, it accepts anyone for who they are. But are you accommodative, are people happy we they see you or is it the other way round. Do you chase people away base on your bad attitude or character? Well if you do, then you need to look up to your toilet.

The Toilet Brings Relief And Happiness

Most people belief that the love is the greatest feeling that brings relief or happiness, but am sure that you can agree with me that nothing feels much better or gives you much happiness than toilet when you have a running stomach or dysentery. If we look deep into ourselves, does our life bring relief, happiness or joy to the heart people or is it the opposite? Think about that.

The Toilet Tolerates


The toilet never complains, it bears whatever you do in it.  Whether you pee on the floor or forget to flush, it  doesn’t complain or murmur it keeps quiet and still let you in next time. But you can hardly stay a day without complaining about the government, your friends, family e.t.c.   there are times you shouldn’t complain when you are supposed to tolerate.

The Toilet Keeps Your Secret

This is one of the most important feature or should I say character of the toilet and I guess that’s what makes it a toilet. The toilet never shares your secret to any other person. It will never tell another person if the previous user has a small buttocks or stool on the floor, whatever happens in the toilet stays in the toilet. But some people can ‘t keep their mouth shut for just 2 minutes, they expose whatever secrets kept with them. That’s definitely not what your toilet would do, even if you pee on the floor or forget to flush, it never tells anyone

So now, do you think you are better than your toilet or worse? Well if you are not in line with at least 4 out of the  5 reasons above, then your toilet is way better than you. You sure do need life tips from the toilet.

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