How Do You Help Make Your Community Better?

In our day to day activities we tend to shy away from the fact that the choices or decision we make affects our community either positively or negatively. This is the part of the world where people are blamed for the outcome of their lives without knowing what they are passing through or what led them to that situation, many people have been forced into prostitution, stealing, some are drug addicts or internet fraudsters popularly known as “yahoo yahoo or G” as some may call it, while others are touts living off people who are trying to make a honest living.

How do we shape the future of our kids?

Am sure you would say that they are children whose parents had failed in giving them the proper “up bringing” as we may tag it or children without a good family background and maybe lack proper education, but that is not the real reason for them turning up the way they are, in fact most people involved in this acts are well to do children from reputable homes and families that are smart, intelligent and even had the opportunity of attending some of the best schools around which we are all aware of.  But what could have possibly led them into such acts that portray them as bad eggs in the society? Or perhaps should I say what have we done to change this situation or make their lives better?

This boils down to everyone, we spend quality time criticizing, judging and never take out time to really ask  WHY? All we want is that perfect  child, that perfect community , well am sorry to burst your bubble, there is nothing as such. Even the so called perfect children are not so perfect, after all everyone wishes to have a perfect child.

Speaking with some of the people involved in acts has made me to realize the pain and suffering this people had to go through, the tough choices they had to make. A guy once told me the reason he had to become a cultist was because his parents hardly have time for him, and he was always alone  until he was introduced into cultism by some friends who saw it as a perfect opportunity to bring him in an offer him what his parents had failed to offer him. Some were because of they are  being bullied, pressurized, abused (emotionally, physically or even sexually), threatened or because they are in need of money. Am sure if you should ask any prostitute why they are involved in prostitution, the most likely reason will be because of finance.

With all this said, the question is what is the way forward? What can we do as individuals to reduce these occurrences in our community? Well it’s so unfortunate that people always find the Government at fault in such issues. But we must know that the bitter truth that we are the government, the government starts with you as an individual. We must embrace the fact that a lot has to be done to by us to change our community.

The Way Out

It’s high-time we start impacting lives around us because those lives makes up the community. As for me, dedicating some time to be and listen to people around me has helped me to understand and help them to get better. You can start yours too, you could establish a community group that reaches out to them, you could offer them Job opportunities or better still organize a vocational or skill acquisition programs for them to empower themselves. Remember change starts from you and not the government. You can make a difference in your community. No effort is a waste no matter how small or big it is, until we understand the fact that this makes up our community. Change a life then you change the community and make it safe for the future.

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