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Nature: The Untold Beauty

Nature has been the most fascinating gift that has been given to man by God. Nature in its actual sense is the natural Earth and the things on it, or the essence of a person or thing. The trees, birds, rivers, oceans and even humanity. Nature is beautiful by default Fading Beauty Therefore Its quite unfortunate that despite the fact that mother nature smiles at us with her graceful beauty, we keep killing her with every opportunity we have. How? i guess that is the what you might be wondering right?. Deforestation, high use of fossil fuel which in turn destroys our ozone layer, global warming, nuclear bombs, indiscriminate hunting of endangered species among many others. As We might not know but gradually, we are erasing the natural beauty of mother nature. We must understand that somethings are irreplaceable, because the earth is perfect the way it is. We are…

How Do You Help Make Your Community Better?

In our day to day activities we tend to shy away from the fact that the choices or decision we make affects our community either positively or negatively. This is the part of the world where people are blamed for the outcome of their lives without knowing what they are passing through or what led them to that situation, many people have been forced into prostitution, stealing, some are drug addicts or internet fraudsters popularly known as “yahoo yahoo or G” as some may call it, while others are touts living off people who are trying to make a honest living. How do we shape the future of our kids? Am sure you would say that they are children whose parents had failed in giving them the proper “up bringing” as we may tag it or children without a good family background and maybe lack proper education, but that is…

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